Pringles Stix

Pringles Coupons
What can I say about Pringles Stix…they are very Yummy; sooooo good! If you have yet to try Pringles Stix, you have to pick up a pack this weekend. There are 4 flavors of Stix’s. I have tried all the flavors, but my favorite by far is Honey Butter.

You can find Pringles Stix at your local grocery store, in the chip isle. The cost of them are pretty much the same as a can of Pringles Chips, averaging $2-$3. You can also use your Pringles coupons towards Pringles Stix.

About Pringles Stixs (Sticks)

  1. Available in 4 flavors
    • Honey Butter
    • Pizza
    • Cheese
    • Jalapeno
  2. Each box contains 10 individual packs
  3. Each pack contains 90 calories (making it a light snack)
  4. Ingredient information for each flavor can be found by visiting Pringles official website
  5. Available at your local grocery store

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