Pringles Coupons

Pringles Coupons

Pringles coupons are the best way to save money on American’s favorite snack food, the potato chip or as Pringles are sometimes called, the potato crisp! With consumers devouring a whopping 1.2 billion (yes…BILLION) pounds a year ($6 billion in sales), these tasty treats rank tops on many peoples favorite snack list; including ours.

The majority of people love Pringles for their unique flavor and crispness different from other brands of potato chips. Unlike your typical bag of potato chips, Pringles Potato Chips are all uniform in shape and size, and are much less greasy. Pringles are a must have for any party, get together or just a great snack while veg’ing on the couch watching Sunday night football or your favorite flick. It’s true what they say…”Once you pop, you can’t stop!”

Places You Can Find a Pringles Coupon

There are an abundance of places you can find coupons these days. While you are searching them, make sure you don’t limit yourself to just one place as this will limit your chances of maximizing your savings and getting the best possible deal. A good place to start looking for Pringles coupons is in your local newspaper, grocery flyer or coupon inserts. Manufacturers often send out coupons as inserts in newspapers or flyers and are an easy way to clip and save.

Another place you might look is right in your local grocery store. Often grocery stores will have in-store coupons for a variety of products. This helps the stores to stay competitive as they vie for your business.

In our opinion, the best place (and most efficient) to look is online. There are many coupon databases out there. You can even find Pringles coupons on the Pringles website and even join P&G’s mailing list to have these coupons mailed or emailed directly to you. The possibilities are endless.

Use Pringles Coupons To Maximize Your Savings

The average savings you can expect with Pringles coupons is approx. $1. On occasion you may be able to find $1.50 or even $2.00 off coupons. The savings from these coupons and other coupons can add up quickly, saving you money and helping to manage your budget, which we can all use. The best thing with to do with your coupon is to combine it when possible and maximize your savings. If you can wait, use it when your local supermarket has them on sale this will ensure you put even more money back in your pocket giving you more bang for your buck. I’ve been able to utilize a coupon for Pringles from the manufacturer with an in-store coupon to receive a can of Pringles for free! The only thing better than a can of Pringles Potato Chips is a free can of Pringles Potato Chips.

Tips On How To Use Pringles Coupons

Once you are ready to use your coupons, there are a few things to keep in mind. Many stores have different rules regarding coupon use and you will want to make sure that you are aware and understand the rules for your supermarket so you can make the most out of your coupons. Here’s a few of the more common things to consider:

  • Always ensure the store will accept your coupon before you are in the check out. The worst is trying to argue with the clerk over your coupons.
  • Check to see if there is a limit to the amount of coupons you can use. If you are a couponer, you will definitely need to understand the store policy for this rule.
  • Checking into double coupons is a great way to save money. Some stores may have a double coupon policy. Be sure to check into this information. Some stores may have this one day of the week and some may have this every day. When you find out if double coupons are available, you can then use this to your benefit. Doubling coupons can save you even more money on your favorite can of Pringles.

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